Do you struggle with debt?
Ever feel like you’re barely getting by?
Wish you could put money aside?

The Budget Builder workbook is the perfect resource to help you refocus your finances.

It only takes about 5 minutes to complete!

The workbook will automatically tell you how much you should be spending and what you should be spending it on.


5-minute Budget Builder + Mint = match made in heaven!

Mint is my favorite personal finance management app. It’s totally FREE and super easy to use. 

My secret sauce to simple yet effective budgeting:
  1. Sign up below & complete the 5-minute Budget Builder
  2. Click here to sign up for Mint and complete your profile using the Budget Builder
  3. Sit back and let Mint do the rest:
    • automatic monitoring of your spend versus budget
    • over-budget notifications
    • low balance notifications

Join the community and receive the Budget Builder FREE!

Say goodbye to debt and hello savings.

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