Easy side hustles to make money each week for free

Are you trying to pay down debt? save up to buy a house? looking to travel more? Whatever the reason for needing more cash, here are a few easy side hustles to make extra money each week. Best part is these are completely free!


Airbnb your pad

Next time you’re going on vacation, plan ahead and put your place up for rent. It will basically balance out the cost of your vacation (obviously dependent on how much you’re spending).

Renting out your place is honestly such easy money. It requires little to no effort and has a pretty damn good payout (depending on where you live).

Maybe you don’t plan on going on vacation but you still have a sweet place you could potentially rent out?

Chances are, you can probably offset the cost of your entire month of rent in about 1 week.

If you’re really looking for easy money, maybe you could stay with family or a friend for a week? For most of us, rent makes up the biggest chunk of our monthly costs. You’ll be sitting there laughing if you can work out living rent free by occasionally putting your pad up on Airbnb.

Click HERE to start hosting on Airbnb.


Rent out your garage, parking spot or storage

Do you have a garage that sits there virtually empty? Maybe you live in an apartment building and have a parking spot or a storage unit you don’t have much need for?

You could be making very easy money renting them out. The best part is, you only have to put in effort at the beginning. Once it’s rented, you can sit back and enjoy the money coming in every month.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Get on Craigslist and get an idea of what similar garages/parking/storage are going for.

Post yours up and make sure your ad includes a picture! People tend to be very visual and will often scroll past an ad without a picture. Take the extra couple minutes to include a photo of your space! You’ll rent it out WAY FASTER!


Flipping for free

People are often surprised to hear that Craigslist has a free section.

If that’s you, I’m about to blow your mind.

Granted, 80% of what shows up in the free section is basically garbage. That other 20% though is totally worth the effort of scrolling through the 80%.

If you’ve never been in the Craigslist free section, have a browse!

You’ll be shocked by what people want to get rid of for FREE (again, the good stuff is only about 20% and the remaining 80% is more or less garbage so expect to see quite a bit of useless posts).

When you strike gold, don’t wait!

Most people will mention in their post where the pickup location is. Go as soon as you can. That free stuff sometimes disappears pretty quickly.

Once you’ve secured the goods, take some pictures and put your own ad up on Craigslist. It’s always a good idea to do a quick search to see what similar items are going for and price yours accordingly.

I mentioned it earlier in this post but because it’s super important, it’s worth mentioning again.

Having a picture is key to moving your product!

No picture, no attention. Without fail, the better the picture, the more interest you’ll get.

Personally, I always take a few minutes to clean up whatever it is I’m selling so that it doesn’t give out the wrong impression. I find that I move products MUCH FASTER this way.

If you don’t have experience flipping, check out how to make an extra $1,000 each month flipping.

It’s very easy money.

All it requires is some time on your end. My advice to you is to scour the Craigslist free section on the daily. You don’t have to do it for very long, just a quick browse. You never know when that good stuff will pop up!


Love dogs? walk ’em!

If you’re a fan of furry four-legged friends, sign yourself up for dog walking.

Bonus, the fresh air and walking is awesome. I have a dog and personally, I love going out with him.

Even on days when I’m tired and don’t feel like walking, I never regret getting some fresh air! It really helps me clear my head and let go of daily stresses.

You’re not going to be making crazy amounts of money dog walking. Probably only about $10 an hour but if you like being outside and like dogs then it’s a pretty easy enjoyable pay-check!

If dog walking is your jam, you can easily put up a Craigslist ad (you’ll get more interest if you ad a picture of yourself with a furry friend). The upside of Craigslist is that 100% of the money goes to you. The downside is that you probably won’t get a lot of gigs.

As a dog owner, my pup is basically family and it’s difficult for me to trust leaving him with someone.

Personally, I use Rover when I have no other choice (like no family or friends that can take care of him).

You’ll get a lot more interest on Rover than Craigslist just because us dog owners trust it more. The downside is that you likely won’t make as much as you would on Craigslist for each hour of walking. To be fair though, you’ll get a lot more walks through Rover.

If you’re interested, click HERE to sign up for Rover.

If you want to max out on your returns, you can offer house sitting and Airbnb your place while you’re away.

Two birds one stone (or two pay-checks one stone?).

Get paid to stay at someone else’s place, play with their dog and get money renting out your place. Not too shabby I’d say.


Become an Uber driver

Already have a car? Why not basically work towards having it for free?

You can easily even out the monthly costs of owning a car by driving with Uber.

It’s very easy money and you choose when it works in your schedule.

Uber’s only requirements vary by city but at a minimum include the following:

  • valid driver’s license
  • proof of residency
  • online screening (they check your driving record and criminal history)
  • your car must be a 4 door that’s no more than 10 years old
  • valid insurance on the vehicle

Do you meet the above requirements? Give it a try! You have complete control over your time making it a very flexible side hustle.

You can sign up to become an Uber driver here.


Deliver for foodora

Maybe Uber isn’t an option for you because you don’t have a car. No sweat!

If you have a bicycle, you can easily deliver for foodora. There are a number of delivery services out there but foodora is one of the most widely available.

Similar to Uber, you are the master of your schedule. Decide when you want to hustle and when you don’t!

Bonus, you’re not just doing your wallet a favor! Cycling is incredibly good for your body and overall health!

Signing up for foodora is also much easier than Uber in that you don’t need to show proof of insurance, valid driver’s license, etc.

If you’re interested in delivering for foodora, you can sign up here.

There are a number of other ways to make money but the focus of this post was easy to start and totally free.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful and that you’re on your way to an easy side hustle that works for you!

Make it rain my friend!

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