It’s not too expensive

How often do you say you “can’t afford something” or “it’s too expensive”. I’m guessing it happens pretty often…

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t realize the impact the words we use have on our lives.

What if you were to always say and think: “It’s NOT too expensive”

Controversial I know…

But when we tell ourselves something is out of our reach, we never actually give ourselves a chance to obtain it.

It’s too expensive not only tells our brain NOT to look for a solution but it also trains it to think with scarcity.


Exclude Scarcity as your reality

Scarcity is the very mindset that keeps you exactly where you don’t want to be.

All though that something may not be aligned with your current financial goals, your paradigm will shift if you allow for the right mindset.

Exclude scarcity as your reality and start shifting your language.

Instead of saying “too expensive”, say “luxurious”


This goes without saying that you should NOT be telling yourself you can suddenly afford a Ferrari and get one with a loan…

All though you probably can’t afford it TODAY, that doesn’t mean you should exclude it as your reality TOMORROW.

The point is, to set your mind on what it is you truly want and plan around that desire becoming your reality.

If day after day, we tell ourselves we can’t have something… well guess what? We will NEVER have it.

But, if we plan and act on the things we want… if we work towards them instead of telling ourselves we can’t have them… then we allow them to be the reality.


Challenge yourself this week

Try watching your mouth for one week and see if you can cut “expensive” out of your vocabulary.

Embrace the impossibilities as POSSIBLE.

Trust me, it won’t happen overnight, but your life will start to shift!

Let me know how it goes!

It\'s not too expensive

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