Uncommon ways to save on Amazon

There’s no doubt about it, Amazon has made life more affordable and made shopping much easier.

What if I told you that you could easily save even more? Here are a few tricks to get the best deals and save on Amazon.


Subscribe & Save

If you’ve never heard of Amazon’s Subscribe&Save, you’re in for a treat. Not only can you save up to 15% on everyday purchases but you’ll also save tons of time.

How is that possible?

Basically, Subscribe&Save is for all that stuff you know you need and use consistently. You can get anything from grocery, pet supplies, beauty, health, baby care to household items.

All you do is sign up, tell Amazon what you want, when you want it and Amazon automatically delivers it to you on a recurring basis.

No need to waste time going to the store for a roll of toilet paper, Amazon has got you covered!

There are a ton of benefits of using a subscription service which aren’t limited to shaving 15% off the price.

Think of how much time you’d be saving not having to make an impromptu stop at the store.

Think of how much less hassle you would have in your day to day life not having to think about that stuff.


Amazon Price Match

Few people know this but you can (on some items but not all) ask Amazon to price match a competitor.

Now you may or may not get the discount but if you’re a Prime member and get free shipping than it might be totally worth the effort.

Getting a price match on Amazon is as simple scrolling down to the Product Information section and looking for the link that says “tell us about a lower price”.

Just click on that link and fill out the information they ask for.

Here’s what it looks like for a set of Bose QuietComfort 25.

amazon price match product request screenshot


Prime student

If you’re still a student, then you can score yourself a nice 50% discount on an Amazon Prime subscription (the first 6 months of the membership are FREE).

If you don’t really know the benefits of Amazon Prime, here are a few:

  • free 2-day shipping
  • unlimited cloud and photo storage
  • early access on Lighting Deals

Personally, I think free shipping is the biggest sweetener for me. It makes a difference when you order relatively frequently to get everything shipped FASTER for FREE.

If you’re a student, join Prime Student to take advantage of the first 6 months FREE.

If after 6 months you decide you don’t need or use it that much, you can always cancel your subscription (which is still only 50% of the normal cost).



CamelCamelCamel is not an Amazon program but it’s a very useful tool nonetheless.

Basically, it pumps out price history charts for any given product.

All you have to do is enter the product name into the search bar and out comes all this useful price information. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the Amazon URL.

To give you an example, here’s what it looks like when you search for Bose Quietcomfort 25 headphones on CamelCamelCamel.

camelcamelcamel price chart example

In other words, if you were on Amazon and saw these headphones for $150 you would know that’s a great deal!

If on the other hand, they were going for $300, you would know that’s too high.

Knowing historical prices and just how low something will sell gives you a TON OF POWER!

You might have noticed from the above screenshot that CamelCamelCamel will pump out pricing information from Amazon AND other third parties. Amazon is usually the place to be as far as pricing goes but now you can know for sure that there isn’t a better deal somewhere else on the internet.

Bonus, if you’re willing to play to the waiting game, you can sign up for price drop alerts through CamelCamelCamel.

Oh, and it’s TOTALLY FREE!

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